My name is Piotr Wołąsewicz/Wolasewicz I live in Poland. I am the historian conducting genealogical research concerning the Wolasewicz/ Wolosewicz/ Valasevicius/Volonsevich/Walasewicz/Wolyncewicz/Woloncewicz family. The first result of the research mentioned above is the origin of my family dated about 16 th century. My ancestors lived in today’s Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuana.

I have some detailed questions I’ll be very grateful you can answer:

Where your family comes from?

Where/when your grandfather was born?

Our last name is very rare in Poland, only few people are named like us, so maybe we have common ancestors ?

I am building “ the genealogical tree “ of my whole family, which I want to pubilsh in a science book, so that I would be very grateful if You could ad some biographical details to answers for my questions (of course, when You conclude that we may really have common ancestros). By biograpical note I mean some information concerning their jobs, education or what they were doing in their lifes.

Of course, as my work will be conducted, I will keep You informed about all important thing I will find out.

I am waiting for ANY information !

Best regards

Respectfuly Yours

 Piotr Wołąsewicz


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